high-performance livestock & Manure Treatment

ProfitPro's Manure Treatment program starts with the "end in mind". It utilizes the most innovative technology that bioaugments the manure to achieve real results.


Proven Results

- Reduces odors, flies, solids/sludge
- Reduces lethal gases during pump out
- Regains/ maintains pit/lagoon capacity
- Improves ease of handling
- Improves safety issues for humans and livestock- Improves application uniformity from start to finish
- Reduces salt content and improves agronomic response
- Improves nutrient uniformity in field applications from start to finish

ProfitPro uses a variety of technologies to overcome difficult manure situations.

-Microbial-based liquid and dry products
-Probiotic feed additives
-Water enhancement products

The end result is a nutrient-rich fertilizer that is easier on your soil and loaded with beneficial baceria to stimulate plant health.

Manure Treatment Options include the following:

1. Service agreement - purchase Manure Route Service Plan.

2. Self Application - purchase and apply manure additive.

3. Option 1 or 2 with ProfitPro feed additive.

4. Apply ProfitPro's New Manure Master FoamAway

Learn more about ProfitPro's Manure Route Service Plan.

ProfitPro's "Manure Hotline" 1-888-875-2425

Our Manure Treatment program will activate microorganisms that bioaugment the manure. We custom-taylor a system that helps you store, handle, and treat manure so you can manage nutrients, reduce odors, increase the ease and safety of handling, and create an nutrient-rich solution, enabling you to sell or use as a fertilizer.

July 11, 2013 @ 8:00 PM (CDT)

Manure Nutrient Management on Non-Plant Acres

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