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Experience is a great teacher and ProfitProAG has run the gamut in the liquid manure treatment business. The old adage that one treatment regime fits all situations certainly is not true when it comes to liquid manure treatment. There are many variables such as feed rations (DDGs, bakery goods, high fiber, grain quality) and use of drugs or disinfectants, water content, building ventilation, manure pH, lagoon or pit size, the number of animals and amount of manure being deposited on an annual basis.

Our manure treatment business revolves around biologically treating manure on an annual basis to reduce negative attributes, improve handling ease/cost and enhance fertilizer value.

The process is referred to as bioaugmentation of liquid manure. Bioaugmentation is the introduction and stimulation of a group of natural microbial strains that start the decomposition of manure for nutrient recycling.

The large accumulation of manure in the lagoons and pits in today’s confinement facilities require bioaugmentation to reduce and, in many cases, eliminate the risk of pit explosions, asphyxiation and to provide a healthier environment for livestock and farm workers.

The following table gives the biological manure treatment benefits and advantages.

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